Frequently Asked Question

Some of the frequently asked questions are given below. You can also contact us for further clarification. To find out how to contact Aalo please click here.

1. Where does Aalo primarily focus on?

Aalo works in village/rural areas of West Bengal state.

2. Should I get Tax benefit for donating through Aalo?

No, no tax benefit for the donations for now. We are working on that as that needs to show a huge work done by the trust in a certain period of time.

3. How to Donate to poor students through Aalo?

There are two ways. You can be a member of Aalo and pay a monthly membership fee. For being a member please click here. Alternately, You can donate via check or bank draft. For more information on donation please click here. Soon we will be launching online donation system. By online donation you will able to donate to Aalo via the website itself.

4. How do you shortlist students for the scholarship?

Students are selected based on three major criteria. They are
a) Family income and no. of persons in the family.
b) Student's merit. (i.e Secondary result + PI)

5. What kinds of benefit a shortlisted candidate get?

We give a monthly scholarship of Rs 500 (INR) and mentor ship.

6. How do you ensure that scholarship given to an individual is being used in right purpose?

Our mentors always keep touch with the students. We also keep contact with the parents, school teachers, personal teachers of the student. Every student needs to produce their examination results to Aalo.

7. Do you support student of any class or major?

No. Currently we only support students of class XI-XII.

8. Once a student is selected, how long will he/she get scholarship?

We only support the selected students for his/her class XI-XII.

9. Do you have any monthly or yearly newsletters?

Right now we don't have any newsletter. But we periodically post details about work done by Aalo to this website. For more details please click here. You can also obtain details about Aalo, just by sending an email to

10. How can I join the committee?

From Aalo website, you can fill up and submit our membership form to join us. For more details about joining Aalo either click here or click the "Get Involved" button from the menu on the top of the page.